Marine Services

Here at Baily Marine, we offer comprehensive servicing and repairs for your outboard motor. With over three decades of experience as Yamaha Marine Specialists at our disposal, we’re confident in saying that we’ve got you covered. Not a Yamaha? Not a problem. Rest assured that we have the experience and tools necessary to solve any problem you may be having. If you need help with your outboard, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

New and Used Outboard Motors

As a Licensed Yamaha Dealership, we stock a wide range of Yamaha’s world-renowned outboard motors. Known for their reliability, durability and exceptional performance, a Yamaha is what you need! Take a look at the Yamaha range here, or contact us today to get the right advice and competitive pricing.

We also stock a selection of second-hand outboard motors, which our veteran technicians have inspected and serviced to ensure that we only sell the highest quality used motors. If you’re looking for a second-hand outboard, contact us today!

Minor Servicing

Just like any other vehicle, your outboard will endure wear and tear, the oil will need refilling, and the parts need inspecting for flaws and malfunctions. Scheduling a regular service for your outboard will extend the lifespan of the motor, maintain its resale value, save you from more expensive repairs down the line, and most importantly, keep you and your loved ones safe while out on the water.

We offer our minor service package for both 2 and 4 stroke outboards of any brand, not just Yamaha. Our experienced marine mechanics perform a basic service and inspection of your outboard to ensure that between major services, your motor is running smoothly and kept in good condition.

To organise regular servicing with us, get in touch today!

Major Servicing

Baily Marine’s major service for 2 and 4 stroke outboard motors is the premium care package for your outboard. In addition to the services carried out in a minor service, our experienced technicians remove and inspect key components of your outboard, ensuring that your motor is functional and well looked after.

It is recommended that you get your outboard serviced annually. If you’ve missed a couple of dates, or you’re worried about your motor’s performance, book in a major service today!