Logbook services

Whenever you purchase a new vehicle, the manufacturer provides you with an extended warranty that covers the cost of mechanical parts failures. This warranty is only valid as long as you have your vehicle serviced regularly by a certified mechanic, and record these servicings in the vehicle’s logbook.

Baily Marine & Automotive’s certified mechanics can provide logbook services for:

  • Petrol passenger vehicles
  • Diesel passenger vehicles
  • Light commercial vehicles

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Brake services

Your vehicle’s brakes are the most important safety feature at your disposal. While other safety systems mitigate the damage caused by an accident, your brakes are preventative, and well-maintained brakes can be the difference between an accident and an emergency stop.

Here at Baily Marine & Automotive our experienced mechanics can perform:

  • Brake component machining
  • Brake line repair and replacement
  • Brake master cylinder check and repair
  • Brake calliper check and repair
  • General brake services

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Steering and Suspension

Flaws in your vehicle’s suspension can drastically affect both ride comfort and control, causing body lean through corners and creating play in the steering. Your suspension is also responsible for maximising your grip, so it’s important for safety as well as it can substantially affect your stopping distance.

Baily Marine & Automotive’s technicians can repair flaws in the following aspects of your vehicle’s suspension:

  • Shock absorbers, coil springs and leaf springs
  • Bushing replacement
  • Differential repairs
  • Wheel alignments organised for you

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Responsible for transferring the power from the engine to the wheels, the drivetrain is comprised of some of the most intricate and precise pieces of machinery on-board your vehicle. Because of their sophisticated nature, any minor faults and flaws can quickly escalate into very damaging and costly repairs.

If you notice a clunking or grinding noise when changing gears, or a burning smell coming from under the bonnet, you may have a problem with your vehicle’s transmission.

Here at Baily Marine & Automotive our skilled mechanics can provide the following clutch and transmission services

  • Automatic and Manual gearbox repairs
  • Slip Differential repairs

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Radiators and Cooling Systems

Flaws in your cooling system can not only reduce your fuel effiency, but also engine lifespan as leaking coolant and overheating damages the gasket head, cylinders and pistons. If your thermostat has malfunctioned this could be happening without your knowledge.

Baily Marine & Automotive’s skilled mechanics can perform:

  • Radiator/heater unit repair and replacement
  • Coolant flush and leak check
  • Head gasket replacement
  • Thermostat check and replacement

If your vehicle is leaking coolant or running hot, get in touch today!

Exhaust Repairs

Your vehicle’s exhaust dispels the gasses that are produced by combustion in your engine. As your engine burns fuel, a range of different gas emissions are produced as a by-product of the reaction. These gasses actually interfere with the internal combustion process, so it’s important they are quickly and efficiently exhausted away from the engine.

If your exhaust is cracked or worn, this will drastically affect gas flow, which in turn dramatically reduces the power and fuel efficiency of your engine.

We are exhaust experts here at Baily Marine & Automotive, and can fix any problem you might be having with your exhaust system. If you’d like to have your exhaust checked, talk to us today!

Auto Electrical

As modern vehicles have increased in complexity, so have their electronics. In most newer vehicles, your auto electrical systems manage everything from ignition, braking adjustments and monitoring fuel consumption to playing your favourite song on your morning commute.

Here at Baily Marine & Automotive, we can organise the following auto electrical repairs:

  • Battery check and replace
  • Alternators and starter motors
  • Power steering systems
  • And much more!

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Other Services

We offer a wide range of other services here at Baily Marine & Automotive, including, but not limited to:

  • Windscreen repair or replacement
  • Engine reconditioning
  • Fuel injection systems
  • 4WD system repair or replacement
  • Classic vehicle servicing and auto electrical
  • All fuel pumps repaired for all vehicles
  • Eco system repair

If you need a service or repair not listed above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, as this list is by no means exhaustive.